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Lovin' what you've seen thus far?
Wanna join the Top 2 fam?
Here's your options:

Option 1

Patreon! Patreon is hands down the best way to follow the Top 2 comic book series. I post content to Patreon on a weekly basis, so you'll never be left wondering if I'm still working on the series. A steady stream of content shows my weekly progress. Patrons get to see all exclusive work, including character designs, preliminary work, colored work, as well as completed page work! Let's not forget about those wonderful Weekly Announcements! Of course, there are those dreaded subscription payments, which for some can be an annoyance in the long run. I don't have a solution for that, but I do have a bright side. What's great about Patreon is there are tiers to choose from, and choosing the lowest tier will still allow you to read every newly released issue weeks before the general public. AND you get to see a multitude of awesome exclusive content on a weekly basis. That's a pretty hefty bag for $2/month, right! Let's do it!!

Option 2

Email Subscription List! This is the second best option for following the series, and I'll tell you why. By registering your email with our email subscription list, you allow us to email you directly about everything Top 2, which includes new issue releases, merch, and events. Of course, I understand, no one likes to be bombarded with emails about things that aren't important to them. I often times receive multiple emails from the same company in one day, and it's always about s*#t that doesn't pertain to me in the slightest. I guarantee, the most, and I MEAN the most you'll ever get from Top 2 is two a month, but it'll most likely be more close to one every couple months or so. (I am working on this series solo, so...)

Don't forget to join the TOP 2 email list

and get regular updates on everything TOP 2

Option 3

Social Media,... bleh. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm not a big fan of social media. However, you can follow the series on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I'm pretty adverse to toxic communities, so I post to social media very rarely. I'm also not a fan of how much money I have to pay just to reach my followers/fanbase. I also have no guarantee of reaching my followers concerning important information about the series. Unfortunately, I'm sure there's quite a few of my followers whom are constantly missing out, and I don't like that. So, social media is the least likely option for receiving updated about Top 2. If you still wish to follow, be my guest, I will still post updates, but not often.

Option 4

Check the website periodically. If the options above aren't speaking your language and/or you hate notifications, check the website every so often at your own leisure. I update the website every time I release a new issue. You may also have opportunities to meet me at Comic Book Conventions and ask any questions you have there.


If you haven't already,

download and read those first five issues above for FREE!

Just click on 'em and enjoy.

Once you see how awesome the series is,

become a $2 Patron and read issues 6 through 8 at no additional cost.

Lovin it? Continue your patronage.

Not lovin it? Cancel.

Simple as that...

Thank you for your interest in Top 2!

(the first $2 is charged immediately and is non refundable)

And here's where it gets a lil colorful,
but these guys and gals deserve credit!!

special thanks to
TOP 2's TOP supporting PATRONS

Jerry Moore
Rank: S Master

Dan Blakney
Rank: A3 Field Instructor

Vicky Shepherd
Rank: B1 Field Leader

Jeremy Willis
Rank: A1 Field Instructor

Bob White
Rank: A1 Field Instructor

Hannah Wright
Rank: D3 Field Agent

Martina Cole
Rank: S Master

Gregory Gooch
Rank: C1 Adv. Field Agent

Matt Russell
Rank: A2 Field Instructor

Stephen Capehart
Rank: A2 Field Instructor

Vega Tunufai
Rank: B1 Field Leader

Andrew Swaby
Rank: A3 Field Instructor

Quincy Young
Rank: B1 Field Leader

Justin Bunch
Rank: B2 Field Leader

Pauline White
Rank: B1 Field Leader

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