A little about the creator!


Greetings Visitors! My name is Cardell Cole and I'm a comic book illustrator and creator of Top 2, a new up and coming comic book series. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI, joined the military straight out of high school, and later received my Associates in Graphic Design and General Business. I am currently living in Las Vegas, NV. Why am I telling you all of this? Because it just feels good to know a little bit about the creator of a series you've taken an interest in. Shortly after receiving my Associates I started playing with the idea of developing my own comic book, thus the birth of Top 2. My inspirations stem from such Manga as Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Battle Chasers, Dogs, My Hero Academia, etc, etc. Of course, Battle Chasers is not a manga, trust me, I know that! Although it's just the beginning, I plan to go all the way and I hope you all enjoy the ride!


So, what is TOP 2 about?

TOP 2 is about government corruption and what happens when two leaders of integrity try to expose it. The story takes place in a country where the military structure is made up of Guardian Branches (similar to large scale dojos) subject to a ranking system instituted by the government they serve. There are twenty branches all together, each in charge of it's own Province. The two protagonists are leaders, or Grand Masters, of the two highest ranking branches, Dragon and Orthros, in the whole nation. When Ko Stone, the Grand Master of Orthros, receives confidential material confirming government corruption, he begins to whisper a little to loudly, inevitably making himself a target. He then turns to his greatest friend, Michael Orion of Dragon Branch, for an alliance, possibly pitting the two against the country's remaining branches. The decisions they make, along with the interference of other powerful influential forces, leads to a tableau of unintended consequences. 

Side note:

Great news! Issues #1 through 5 are free to read here on the Top 2 website. All issues following the 5th will be posted exclusively on Crypto Comics (www.cryptocomics.com) for purchase. Individual issue prints will not be available for purchase for some time, however, Volumes will most certainly be printed and sold right here on the Top 2 website.  I know that there are those who have their hearts set on receiving physical prints on each individual issue, and although they will not be printed for sale, special PATRONS ONLY EDITIONS will be printed as a reward for $10 patrons only. If you'd like to support the series become a patron for as little as $2 a month and receive a multitude of awesome rewards. Thank you so much for your interest in the Top 2 comic book series.

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