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Greetings Visitors! My name is Cardell Cole and I'm a comic book illustrator and creator of Top 2, a new up and coming comic book series. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI, joined the military straight out of high school, and later received my Associates in Graphic Design and General Business. I am currently living in Las Vegas, NV. Why am I telling you all of this? Because it just feels good to know a little bit about the creator of a series you've taken an interest in. Shortly after receiving my Associates I started playing with the idea of developing my own comic book, thus the birth of Top 2. My inspirations stem from such Manga as Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Battle Chasers, Dogs, My Hero Academia, etc, etc. Of course, Battle Chasers is not a manga, trust me, I know that! Although it's just the beginning, I plan to go all the way and I hope you all enjoy the ride!


So, what is TOP 2 about?

TOP 2 is about government corruption and what happens when two leaders of integrity try to expose it. The story takes place in a country where the military structure is made up of Guardian Branches (similar to large scale dojos) subject to a ranking system instituted by the government they serve. There are twenty branches all together, each in charge of it's own Province. The two protagonists are leaders, or Grand Masters, of the two highest ranking branches, Dragon and Orthros, in the whole nation. When Ko Stone, the Grand Master of Orthros, receives confidential material confirming government corruption, he begins to whisper a little to loudly, inevitably making himself a target. He then turns to his greatest friend, Michael Orion of Dragon Branch, for an alliance, possibly pitting the two against the country's remaining branches. The decisions they make, along with the interference of other powerful influential forces, leads to a tableau of unintended consequences. 

Digital vs Prints

It should be known from the jump that Top 2 will primarily be a digital series. However, there will be limited opportunities to receive printed copies of single (Special Edition) issues. The first of these opportunities is the PATRONS ONLY EDITION, which can be claimed by becoming a $10 patron on Patreon. PATRONS ONLY EDITIONS are only printed once based off the amount of $10 patrons I have and absolutely WILL NOT be printed a second time. The second option are NEW RELEASE PRINTS, which will be printed following every new release, starting with Issue #6. Between 100 to 200 copies will be printed per issue and will have a purchase max of 2 issues (one for yourself and one as a gift). NEW RELEASE PRINTS, like PATRONS ONLY EDITIONS, will only be printed once, so if you want one you'll have to jump on them quick. The great news is that THERE IS A THIRD OPTION!! Volumes, YES, Volumes... will be printed indefinitely! There will always be an opportunity to purchase Volumes. Volumes will consist of five issues each, so even if you miss out on single issues you'll always be able to collect Volumes. Digital issues will be discussed in the Steps to Following Top 2 section below.

steps to following top2

Step 1: Kick off your journey by reading the first five issues for FREE, right here on the Top 2 website. I highly recommend it, and guarantee that you won't regret it! If it's not for you, just simply move on, and if you love it, happily move on to Step 2.


Step 2: How bout that guarantee! I guess it's safe to assume that you love the series, or at least like it a lot so far! From here the absolute best way to follow the series is to become a $2 patron on patreon. Not only will you receive a multitude of awesome rewards, including recognition, but you'll also be able to follow my journey and read every single issue at no additional cost (Please allow up to 24 hrs for me to add you as a viewer to each available issue). If you love what you see, upgrade! If you like what you see, stay where you are! If you don't like what you see, cancel! It's as simple as that! If Patreon isn't for you, no worries, move on to Step 3. (The link for Patreon is below)

Step 3: If a monthly subscription isn't in your bones, follow the series on Crypto Comics and join my email subscription list and social media so that you can receive regular updates whenever I release new issues and merchandise. Crypto Comics is a new developing digital comic book program making use of block chain technology. They're currently in closed beta but you can still take advantage of one of my invites on my page and join.

Step 4: Strap in and enjoy the series as it progresses.

TOP 2 Intro Bundle_001.jpg

TOP 2 Intro Bundle

What at first started off as an extreme rivalry eventually turns into an unbreakable friendship. A friendship that inevitably challenges a corrupt government, and turns the world upside down. This intro covers the beginning, the very first battle that made two men enemies of the world.

TOP 2_001.jpg

TOP 2 Issue #1

After receiving information on government corruption, Ko Stone, Grand Master of Orthros Branch, the second ranking Guardian Branch in Grand Reagalious, decides to investigate. Unfortunately, his tampering has not gone unnoticed. Little does he know, actions are being taken to turn his greatest potential ally, Grand Master Michael Orion of Dragon Branch, against him.

TOP 2_001.jpg

TOP 2 Issue #2

The decision has been made, and the order given. Grand Master Ko's life is now forfeit. Meanwhile, an attempt is being made to plant seeds of doubt in the mind of Grand Master Michael. Will Grand Master Ko succumb to Father Death, and Grand Master Michael to the Mother of Deceit? 

TOP 2_001.jpg

TOP 2 Issue #3

A failed attempt has been made on Grand Master Ko's life, which, along with his brother's return, has confirmed the validity of the information that has been given. Now he questions why he wasn't warned of the attempt, and fears for the life of his informant. What will be his next move? And what will he do to prepare his branch for the coming tide?

Top 2 Issue #4.jpg

TOP 2 Issue #4

Upon the discovery and elimination of enemy sleepers within Orthros Branch Main, Ko has been forced to make a risky decision. Unaware of his informant's murder he now moves to establish an alliance with Dragon. But with the government whispering in Michael's ear, will such an alliance even be possible? And if not, what will Ko do next? How far will the enemy go to end Ko's persistent pursuit of the truth?

TOP 2_001.jpg

TOP 2 Issue #5

Explosions have erupted in multiple cities across the country, with the intention of causing mass fear and confusion. City branches burn, and the skies are filled with ashes of the fallen. The ultimate plan to destroy Ko's credibility has been put into action, putting him in an almost impossible predicament. With the odds stacked against him, how will he defend himself against the hatred of an entire country? And what of Michael? Will he fall into that hatred, or continue to be a trusted friend and potential ally?

Issue #6 Cover.jpg

TOP 2 Issue #6

Fueled by flames of destruction, false rumors have spread all across Grand Reagalious, making Master Ko the prime suspect. Those who know him well refust to believe his guilt, but can't refuse the Guardian's code. Ko Stone must be pursued as a suspected terrorist and escorted to a fair trial. In response, Reaper and Valkyrie have prioritized his capture, while Master Michael secretly awaits his arrival at Dragon Branch. With so much at stake, the leader of the Swords of Truth can no longer stand idly by. He intends to put everything on the line to ensure an alliance. But will he have what it takes to prove Ko's innocence? Or will his efforts be in vain?

Top 2 Issue #7 A1.jpg

TOP 2 Issue #7

Grand Master Ko can barely contain his excitement. He has something he has never had before. Undeniable PROOF! There are sleepers in the Branches, and now that he knows what to look for, Master Katrina can expose them. But due to his mistrust in Spirit Coms, he is oblivious to the current state of Reagalious, and is thus unaware that he is being pursued by his fellow brothers and sisters. Reaper and Valkyrie are on the move, and there's no telling what Grand Master Yoticho will do to put the suspected terrorist in his place. How far will he and Grand Master Chi-Chi be willing to go when they discover that Master Ko has fled to Dragon Branch Main?  And what actions will Grand Master Michael take upon his friends arrival? Meanwhile, following his mad dash through the streets of Ezrietta to save his family, Dyku witnesses a side of his mother he's never seen before, and is surprised to discover that she refuses to leave her home. There's trash that needs taking out, and she intends to see it done!

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