Sol is the world that the entire TOP 2 story takes place in. It contains a multitude of different countries, with only three maintaining positions as the world's main super powers. Although mankind has witnessed an age of relative peace, many believe it can't, and won't, last forever. Due to this fact, certain parties decide to act preemptively to gain an upper hand, secretly becoming one of the post powerful, unstoppable forces on Sol. The three major powers are as follows:

Grand Reagalious

As it stands, Grand Reagalious is easily the most powerful country on Sol and is where our story takes place. Unlike any other country on Sol, Grand Reagalious' main leadership consists of four Ministers; Minister of Treasury, Minister of Trade, Minister of Homeland Security, and Minister of Public Welfare. These four men work together to ensure that the country runs smoothly. The military structure is made up of twenty Guardian Branches subject to a ranking system. Each branch has a Grand Master who oversees everything that happens within the Province of which the branch is assigned to.


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Calistyn Empire

The Calistyn Empire is the second most powerful country on Sol, although some would argue that they are on equal status with Grand Reagalious. This empire observes the traditional hierarchical law for determining their leadership. Although, in some cases, this doesn't always serve in the best interests of the people, all would happily say that the current Emperor is one who loves his country and cares deeply about his people. The military consists of three different units; Emperors Royal Guard, Defender, Protectionists, and the newest and most regal unit, the Emperor's Hands.

Unified States of Annaboris

The Unified States of Annaboris consists of five different states, all with their own constitution, acting as one united front. The leadership is made up of five representatives, Heads of State chosen by the people of each state. These Heads of State consistently meet up to make decisions concerning modern day law, rules, regulations, taxation, resource distribution, safety, and security. Each state is responsible for it's own military development and strength. However, their main focus is to always stand as one unit in the face of calamity. Each state is expected to give their fair share.