Michael Orion

Rank: Grand Master

Branch: Dragon

Michael Orion is the Grand Master of Dragon Branch, the highest ranking Guardian Branch in Grand Reagalious. He was born in a small city by the name of Ezrietta located on the edge of Ascendigo Province. He replaced his father, who also served as the branches leader before him. As one could imagine, Michael had a pretty rough childhood as he struggled to fill his fathers enormous shoes. He discovered his true potential following his kidnapping when he was a small boy. He was never the same after, which in the end was bitter sweat. He is cool, calm, and collected, rarely losing his composure. He is a shining example of what a Grand Master should be.

Ko Stone

Rank: Grand Master

Branch: Orthros

Ko Stone is the Grand Master of Orthros Branch, the second highest ranking branch in Grand Reagalious. He was born in Obarhara, located in the center of Lithiveos Province. Like Michael, he's following his father as the branches primary leadership. He at first had no interest in being Grand Master, and those who knew him expected very little. It unfortunately took a tragic loss to spark a fire deep within his soul. A fire which became a blaze of determination. He is a man of extremely high principles, stopping at nothing to do the right thing. He is loud, blunt, strong, and some would even say, fearless. Where Michael is cool and calm, he is hot and passionate.

Tombu Stone is Ko's younger brother and a Combat Master within the ranks of Orthros Branch. Like Ko, he was born in Obarhara and raised alongside his father within the walls of Orthros Main. Before Ko stepped up, many believed that Tombu was going to be the branches next Grand Master, and Tombu did not covet the position. Where, at first, there was a certain amount of jealousy over the attention that Ko constantly received, Tombu eventually grew content with not being his father's favorite. As a matter of fact, without his intervention, the relationship between his father and brother may never have been repaired. Although he is not as loud as Ko, he is very direct. He is quick witted, favoring defense over offense, and a quite powerful martial artist.

Tombu Stone

Rank: Combat Master

Branch: Orthros

Dyku Orion

Rank: Field Leader

Branch: Dragon

Dyku Orion is Grand Master Michael Orion's son and a Field Leader within the ranks of Dragon Branch. He was born in Ezrietta and have been training with his father since he was 16 years old. Despite his father's cool, calm nature, Dyku has a tendency to be very impatient and emotional. He believes he is falling short of the great expectations placed on him, which only serves to frustrate him more with every shortcoming. Although he is strong and intelligent, he struggles to master himself and his second inheritance. Until he does so, he will unfortunately be stuck at his present rank. He hasn't yet realized that the frustration and impatience are the very things holding him back from the success he so vigorously craves.

Katrina Isenburg Pose.png

Katrina Isenburg

Branch: Orthros

Rank: Master of Information

Katrina Isenburg is the Master of Information within the ranks of Orthros Branch. She was born in Okichoke on the western edge of Lithiveos Province. Despite her appearance, she is easily the most intelligent and loyal Guardian in Orthros. She currently holds a reputation as an insane, marginally intelligent tom-boy, which is how she prefers it. She has a tendency to be uncaringly rude to everyone but those she most respects, such as Grand Master Ko. She is great with dual blades, but is an unstoppable force with a lance.

Kleave Rockfert is the First Master of Orthros Branch, acting as the direct assistant and right hand of Grand Master Ko. He was born in Okichoke, same as Orthros's Master of Information, Katrina Isenburg. Although the two grew up in opposing families, they have managed to maintain a cordial relationship as counterparts and co-Guardians. Kleave is the complete opposite of Grand Master Ko, which is exactly why he was chosen to be Ko's right hand. The two compliment one another perfectly, acting together as the perfect leadership. Kleave has had extensive training in swordsmanship, understandably earning the title of "Blade Master".

Branch: Orthros

Rank: First Master

Kleave Rockfert

Kleave Rockfert Pose.png
Amarcus Moss-Clayton Pose Web.png

This character was created as a reward for a $50 pledge. Amarcus Moss-Clayton is based off an actual person. This character possessed the name, face, and characteristics of the real man. Although Amarcus is a very anti-social individual, he has proven himself to be the most reliable Master to be selected as Grand Master Michael's First Master. He mostly keeps to himself, only really coming out of the woodwork when necessity dictates. He is loved by mostly everyone in the branch due to his patient and carefree nature. He avoids too much responsibility, but accepts it when it is given to him, always willing to rise to the challenge. His spirit inheritance is an enigma, and most people rack their brains trying to understand it; so far, only Grand Master Michael knows this secret.

Branch: Dragon

Rank: First Master

Amarcus Moss-Clayton

Silvera Stone is the daughter of Grand Master Ko Stone and niece of Combat Master Tombu Stone. She is quite literally the strongest Field Instructor in the entire branch, earning her the special rank of the First. It has been predicted by many that she would eventually become the youngest female to excel to the rank of Master in Guardian history, even destroying the record of the great Blue Dragoness. However, as of late, with little explanation, she has fallen short, and has been demoted a number of times, leaving many confused and disappointed. Her rebellious behavior as of late would normally see her disqualified from Guardianship, but her father refused to see her expelled. There has been a lot of criticism over this, but many can't help but respect Master Ko for at least demoting his problematic young protégé. Most continue to watch her closely, hoping to see a reignition of this untapped potential.

Silvera Stone Pose Music Web.png

Silvera Stone

Rank: First Field Instructor

Branch: Orthros

Yoticho Culler

Rank: Grand Master

Branch: Reaper

Yoticho Culler is the Grand Master of Reaper Branch, the third highest ranking branch in Grand Reagalious. He was born in Egotan on the southern edge of Siando Province. During his youth he was constantly hounded and abused by a very spiteful father, which was a burden he freed himself of when he unexpectedly initiated his Inheritance. Due to the awesome collateral damage that resulted he was sentenced to spend the remainder of his youth in service to the Guardianship. Even though he still caried many flaws, one in which resulted in the loss of his right eye, Yoticho grew to be a great asset to his branch, later being voted to the position of Grand Master. He is easily one of the most dangerous men in Grand Reagalious. (To learn more about Yoticho, become a $5 patron on Patreon.)

Reaper Insignia.png
Yoticho Uniform Pose Web.png
Valkyrie Insignia.png
Chi-Chi Shect-Khonna Field Uniform Pose

Chi-Chi Shect Khanna

Rank: Grand Master

Branch: Valkyrie

Chi-Chi Shect Khonna is the Grand Master of Valkyrie Branch, the fourth highest ranking branch in Grand Reagalious. She was born in Asterious, found in the Rianovos Province. Her childhood was quite difficult as she struggled to earn respect from a father who didn't appreciate her. She took up blacksmithing, and although she failed in earning her father's respect, she succeeded in hardening her body and mind, which was perfect for her future aspirations. When she finally joined the Guardianship she had become a force to be reckoned with. She is quite literally the strongest and most honorable female in her entire branch, which commands great respect. (To learn more about Chi-Chi, become a $5 patron on Patreon.)

Siarra Kahota Pose.png

Siarra Kahota

Rank: N/A

Branch: N/A

Siarra Kahota is a mysterious woman whose past is only slightly known by a select few, including her long time love, Grand Master Michael Orion. Most see her as a sweet house wife, despite the complications in her and Michael's relationship, who loves her children and home deeply. However, her sweetness should never be seen as a weakness. To witness what she's truly capable of would be terrifying to most. This woman is one whose bad side you'd never want to be on. Look out, she'll be playing a big part in the series.  (To learn more about Siarra, become a $5 patron on Patreon.)